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Fundamental and applied research


Head of the department:
Gerilovych Anton Pavlovych, doctor of veterinary science, professor, Corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Tel.: (057) 707-20-30

The department consists of 10 employees, including 1 doctor of veterinary sciences, 1 doctor of biological sciences, and 4 staff scientists.


Head of the laboratory:
Solodiankin Oleksii Serhiyovych, PhD in Biological Sciences
Tel.: (057) 707-20-31

The laboratory had started functioning since 2001 as a Molecular Diagnostics Sector. In 2003, it was reformed into the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, in 2009 – into the Molecular Epizootology and Diagnostics Laboratory.

Avenues of research:

  • Analysis of viral and bacterial genes and genomes with instrumental (sequencing, RFLP) and bio-methods for studying:
    · The primer areas determining
    · Phylogenetic interrelations, pathogen evolution and infection phylogeography
    · The structural organization of nucleic acids
  • The molecular aspects of viral, bacterial and parasitic animal diseases epizootology
  • Development of new and improvement of existing facilities for infectious diseases monitoring and their pathogens typing on the basis of PCR analysis
  • Practical aspects of genomics and proteomics in veterinary immunobiological drug molecular biotechnology

Spheres of expertise: molecular epizootology, molecular diagnostics of viral and bacterial infections of animals, biotechnology of recombinant DNAs.

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is a part of the NSC "IECVM" Testing Center. The Laboratory is accredited in accordance to the requirements of the DSTU (Ukrainian national standardization system) ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 standard in 2017. According to the scope of accreditation, the laboratory conducts the following studies:

determination of the pathogen genetical material in biological samples from animals and poultry (clinical material, pathological material, swabs from the affected organs, culture specimens) determination of soybean and corn in fodder, determination of GMO in materials of plant origin.

Studies in the accreditation sphere guarantees the authenticity, accuracy of research results and the protection of confidential information for our customers.

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Head of the sector:
Arefiev Vasyl Lvovych, PhD in Veterinary Sciences
Tel.: (057) 707-20-31

Avenues of research:

Bacterial infection pathogens detection and typing using molecular and genetic methods.

Study of microorganisms resistance genetic bases to antibacterial agents.

Detection and typing of bacterial pathogens with molecular and genetic methods.

Study of genetic principles of microorganisms resistance to antibacterial agents.

Also, the Molecular Epizootology, Diagnostics and Genetical Sources Quality Control Department performs:

  • epizootological monitoring of virus-bacterial genital pathologies of animals and development of the systems for their diagnosis and prevention;
  • improvement of existing and development of new, more effective facilities for semen obtaining aseptic and antiseptic technological processes, cryopreservation and artificial insemination of cattle;
  • sanitary and biological control of genetic resources (frozen semen and embryos) used for reproduction of animals.

Spheres of expertise: microbiology, virology, biotechnology, animal reproduction.