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Fundamental and applied research


Head of the laboratory:
Maryna Yuriyivna STEGNIY, candidate of biological sciences (PhD), associate professor
Tel.: (057) 707-20-38, (057) 707-20-46;

Research area:

  • Studying of biological and molecular-genetic hcaracteristics of referent epizootic viral strains and cell cultures during long-term storage in cryobank of National Pathogens’ and Cell Cultures’ Collection of NSC “IECVM”;
  • Development of cryotechnologies for long-term storage of cell cultures from animal tissues and viruses;
  • Development and maintenance of cell cultures’ and viruses’ cryobank for National Collection of Animal Cell Cultures and National Collection of Pathogens which are used in biotechnological manufacture of immunobiological medicines;
  • Study of low and ultra-low temperatures’ impact on ultrastructure, viability and antigenic properties of animal viruses;
  • Study of biology, morphology and cytogenetic characteristics of cell cultures;
  • Development of the technique for producing of cultural polyvalent vaccine against Marek disease;
  • Scientific maintenance for use of bivalent cultural vaccine with diluent against Marek disease which was developed on the basis of the laboratory;

  • Development of quality control system for cell lines and viruses, which are maintained and used in experimental and diagnostic work, manufacturing of biological products, as well as for identification of cell cultures’ species;
  • Development of optimal cell cultures’ and viruses’ preservation systems using modern molecular biological and cryobiological techniques;
  • Verification of cytotoxic properties of various chemical compounds, which are used in research and practice. Selection of non-cytotoxic dose for chemical compounds and antidotes; preclinical trials of pharmaceuticals for detection of their cytotoxic characteristics in vitro;
  • Improving of veterinary immunobiological medicines’ biotechnological production;
  • Quality control of culture media and blood sera for primarily trypsinized and immortalized cell cultures.

Almost 40 immortalized animal cell lines (from cattle, sheep, swine et al.) are stored in Cell Cultures’ Collection on the basis of Biotechnology Laboratory at NSC “IECVM”.

The laboratory offers to provide these cell lines for research and production purposes. Cell cultures’ distribution to interested persons and organizations is provided in accordance with state law and international rules.

Also, the laboratory offers services for Marek disease diagnostics (isolation of all three pathogen’s serotypes using cell cultures). Taking into account research results, qualified conclusion, recommendations and advisory services will be provided.

We invite postgraduate students and other specialists for internship about cultivation of primarily and immortalized cell cultures.

Fields of expertise: biotechnology, cryobiology, cytology, virology.