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Fundamental and applied research


Head of the laboratory:
Kovalenko Larysa Volodymyrivna, PhD in Biological Science,
tel.: (057) 707-20-27, (057) 707-20-34

Avenues of scientific research:

  • study of animal specific and non-specific resistance mechanisms and factors under pathogenic conditions and immunoprophylactic;
  • evaluation of biological influence and harmfulness of prophylactic and medical preparations according to biochemical dynamics, including oxidative system in animal organism;
  • development of medical preparations and protocols for treatment and prophylactics of metabolism violations, animal and poultry non-specific resistance, technology of drugs production and increasing of total animal resistance using complex of immunoglobulin and nanometal aquacitrate preparations;
  • study of postinfectious and postvaccinal immune regularity based on up-to-date methods taking into account specificity of animal pathogens;
  • definition of feeding factors influence on metabolism of livestock and animal product quality.

Spheres of expertise: immunology, biochemistry, livestock production and fodder quality.