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Fundamental and applied research


Head of the laboratory:
Dmitro V. Gadzevych, PhD,
tel.: (057) 707-20-06

Research areas:

  • Studying the etiopathogenesis of bacterial infectious diseases;
  • Studying the biological features, antigenic affinity, variability, and peculiarities of inter-microbial interactions of pathogens, related to: pneumoenteritis, endometritis, mastitis, arthritis, reproductive impairment in animals, etc;
  • Development of collection including epizootic strains of current interest and manufacturing strains;
  • Improvement of cultivation techniques;
  • Development of biological technologies in diagnostics, prevention and medical treatment of pneumoenteritis, endometritis and mastitis;
  • Development of specific prevention techniques, based on pathogenetic factors of infectious agents and associated course of the diseases;
  • Development and implementation of prevention events, medical treatment and complex diagnosis, related to infectious animal diseases.

Expert services: epizootology, microbiology (colibacteriosis, salmonellosis, pasterelosis, streptococcus, staphylococcus, pseudomonosis, enterococcal infection of animals), virulence and antibiotic susceptibility of pathogens.